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Sapeurs, the congo's gentlemans

In the way they dress , the language they use in their manners and fine manners , in their aesthetic codes is as if they were always rebelling against the conditions of the difficult life they lead in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo , a country where 46.5 % of the population lives below the poverty line . Thi's reality of this elite dandy known for sapeur or les Parisiens.
To be truly elegant, do not combine more than three colors at once . " Be the gospel in the lives of SAPE ( Société des Ambienceurs et des Personnes elegant ) , this would be one of the commandments .
Héctor Mediavilla , Spanish photographer , has spent seven years documenting this dandy elite born in Bacongo district of Brazzaville , inspired by the teachings that arrived from Paris ( Congo became independent in 1960 ) . " The first time I saw this live reality was a Sunday , a terrace with live music , the Détente in Bacongo . Had been told that every Sunday in the late afternoon , some people came dressed in a fancy way. Was therefore : . . . arrived six in its proud past while crossing the street One, Lamante , brought a sale in one eye and black leather gloves all had an accessory , was a hat , a cane , a pair of glasses I was fascinated by the gestures of those people and admiration that caused among those present "
Be yourself sapeur is the same as saying you can smoke Cohiba cigars , wearing a Valentino jacket or wearing shoes Fratelli Rossetti in the middle of a slum . In a country with 46.5 % of the population living below the poverty line , the sapeur philosophy lives of these contrasts .The sapeur are not rich . Rather . Most have a low educational level and they make real sacrifices to stay within the codes of elegance they created. Many come for the " group " using borrowed clothes for elders. And may have more of a craft, precisely to feed its excesses couture .
The story of sapeur , also known as les Parisens , dating back to the 1920s , when André Grenard Matsoua became the first Congolese to return to homeland dress rigor of good French taste. Was he to found this club where elegance girl did not enter , and less also failed language. A sapeur feeds the dream at least once in their life , go to your Mecca , Paris . For most, it is just that , a dream . For those who can get there , it may well mean two things : bringing loaded bags of clothes and accessories to fill -in wardrobes ... and their pockets because then sell to other sapeur . In a country marked by civil war and coups , the sapeur assume in favor of peace and on account of its fine modes , are called to enliven public celebrations , weddings , funerals and festivals.

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