sábado, 19 de outubro de 2013

Nuno Baltazar ss 2014 Lisbon Fashion Week

Nuno Baltazar's creations make women feel stylish and attractive but always with a lot of class. The collection is the interpretation of Nuno Baltazar on one of the icons in sacred music - Stabat Mater. There were several composers who have studied this subject, with particular emphasis on the Sabat Mater Dolorosa by Pergolesi and Vivaldi Stabat Mater Speciosa and Liszt. Spectra in opposite talk about the presence of the mother of Christ at the time of his birth and his death. The opposition between these two moments is reflected in the proposals easy wear, and purified natural contrast to most silhouettes with lush colors and volumes exaltation of femininity. The different representations of the mother of Christ in the sacred art throughout the ages are the starting point for a story of contrasts. It is a collection of contrasts and a tribute to women, mothers.

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